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Above all things, Tales from the Cusp endeavors to create content that is honest, useful, and relevant to its readers. Topics of posts are written about candidly, and from experience, and in a voice that is uniquely the blog's own. 

Tales from the Cusp may collect demographic information about its visitors and readers, and share this information with its sponsors and affiliates. Demographics may include your gender, age, and general location, as well as other data, such as the amount of time you spend viewing this site, or which sections of the site you visit. Tales from the Cusp however may link to other sites on the web and will not be held responsible for the privacy practices of these sites.

Tales from the Cusp warmly welcomes comments from all over the world. However, general spam, offensive comments and rude language, or comments that are negative or inappropriate will not be published or may be deleted without prior notice or explanation.

All original content on this site including the blog title, domain, original photos, text and layouts, are the property of Tales from the Cusp. Individual posts (except those containing product layouts) may be shared, but must not be reproduced or featured in full. You may present excerpts of the content and up to two original photos from a post, provided that you include/show a clear link back to the origin of the original post on Tales from the Cusp.

Tales from the Cusp collaborates with companies and brands through sponsored posts and advertorials, and exercises complete creative control over the content of such posts. The blog has a firm policy of working only with brands and products that align with the blog's mission and values, and offer something meaningful to its readers.


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